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Harmony Brown

Harmony is a courageous little girl who has always been curious about learning new things. She was eager to start reading and began doing so at the age of three. Shortly after reading, Harmony started taking Spanish lessons, and tested into a dual language kindergarten program at the age of four. Harmony was an only child for three years until her little brother Troy was born, As her little brother grew, he began presenting new obstacles for Harmony, which developed into surprising new experiences. This included having to share things like never before. Harmony’s family is very supportive and wants to help her understand how to become comfortable with her new little brother while controlling her frustrations. Harmony wants to encourage other children to not only read, but to enjoy creating and telling their own stories. In her spare time, Harmony enjoys, singing, dancing and playing piano.

Teesjah Brown

Teesjah Brown has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, launching several successful ventures over the last 10 years. And, once she began having children, her goal was to develop something that would involve her growing family. With her many experiences as a new mother, she felt that there had to be something to share. Her daughter and first-born, Harmony, absolutely loved listening to stories and began creating her own, even before she could form complete sentences. Harmony’s creativity and excitement for new stories sparked Teesjah’s interest in jointly developing stories for publication. “My goal was to share learning experiences from our family that might assist other children as they grow older,” shared the first-time author. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications, this project also represented the perfect opportunity to utilize her journalism skills. Teesjah Brown is a wife and mother of two. She and husband, Christopher, live near Rockford, IL, with their 4-year-old daughter Harmony, and 18-month-old son, Troy.





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